Rollerskating from Venice to Santa Monica and back

It’s been so beautiful here in LA this past week that I just had to get out from underneath the tulle and play in the sand and surf.  Venice, although overwrought with touristy de-tractions, can be really beautiful later in the afternoon when the stimuli settles down.  The freak show (no, there’s a literal freak show attraction) closes its doors, the drummers pack up their bongo sets, and the skunky smell of herb is swept away by the salty sea.

It gets really lovely as the sun sets.

So I went for a little rollerblading adventure from Venice to Santa Monica and back yesterday and didn’t even get a hint of a sunburn or a grain of rice painted with my name.  I did get a frosty Blue Moon at the local happy hour bar, a gorgeous view, and really sore thighs.

Santa Monica

Santa Monica Pier. (anjou)

Venice Gym

Venice gymnastics (anjou)

Venice Rollerblading

Rollerblading at Venice Beach (anjou)

vintage roller skates

Vintage derby skates (anjou)

Venice sailboat

Venice sailboat (anjou)

Venice paragliders

Venice paragliding (anjou)

Venice paragliding

Venice paragliding (anjou)

Venice beach

Venice Beach (anjou)

Venice gull

Venice gull (anjou)

Retro sunglasses

Beach bound (anjou)

beach cruiser basket

Beach basket (anjou)

Blue moon

Blue Moon (anjou)

Beach bar

Beach bar (anjou)

Are there any touristy places that you enjoy more as the sun starts to set?




  1. What a joy sitting at the beach

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