A Coney Island Summer

The other day, a lovely girl and excited bride-to-be messaged me with an amazing concept for her wedding that I just had to share.  She’s planning a Coney Island ceremony, right on the pier, and is going to have her bridal party reflect the nostalgia and faded whimsy of the seaside amusement park.  To visualize, picture striped tanks in red, aqua, periwinkle, and lemon.  Pair those with layered contrasting tulle skirts in candy-coated hues and let the living and breathing art take over.

I conjured up a treasury just to kind of get a feel for how the colors will all play out in the scene and then tomorrow, I start in Photoshop to solidify the palette!

Coney Island Wedding Etsy Treasury

Coney Island Wedding Etsy Treasury

I have a feeling this color wheel is going to be instrumental.

Color Wheel Contrast Colors

Color wheel (

I just love this whole concept; it’s like the perfect daydream.  Are there any wedding/party concepts that have you completely floored?



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