Watercolor dresses: when fashion and art blend

With Spring and Summer blending together in perfect lazy afternoons, watching the boats go by or the frogs jump from lily pad to lily pad, it’s almost necessary that watercolor dresses are trending.

YSL’s 2008 paint splatter dress will forever be my go-to-gal and frontrunner in high fashion’s painted fabric, but there are some amazing things happening on the border of art and fashion right now.

YSL Paint Splatter Dress

YSL Paint Splatter Dress

2012 has a less modern, more classical Impressionist take on the watercolor color look and I, for one, am hopelessly in love with it.

Anthropologie Revisted Impressionist Dress

Revisited Impressionist Dress (Anthropologie)

Watercolor Impressionist Cover up Top Shop

Floral cover-up (Top Shop)

washed out tucker watercolor dress

Washed Out watercolor dress (Tucker by Gaby Basora)

 Lela Rose floral rose

Floral print v-neck dress (Lela Rose on Neiman Marcus)

D&G tomato dress

Tomato-print lace dress (Dolce & Gabana on Neiman Marcus)

Some inspiration behind the fabrics:

Soleil levant monet

Soleil Levant (Claude Monet)

field of poppies van gogh

Field of Poppies by Van Gogh

Flower watercolor

Delphinium – botanical watercolor print (Amber Alexander on Etsy)

Watercolor Flowers in Gold Orange and Yellow

Watercolor Flowers in Gold Orange and Yellow (C Gala Fine Art on Etsy)

Also trending now: Tahitian florals, batik, tribal art…anything you absolutely love or hate?  I have to admit, not a huge fan of the tribal fabrics…

And I’ll tell you the secret reason I am thanking my lucky stars watercolor is in right now…if you follow my twitter, you may or may not know that I learned the hard way you never even handwash vintage black velvet with pretty much anything, but especially not gorgeous vintage gowns (yes, including the coral one, sigh).  So, I’ve got dye, I’ve got ruined vintage dresses, and I’ve got inspiration and imagination.  Send me happy wishes and look out for the results.

Has a current trend ever saved you from a diy disaster?




  1. Gorgeous, as always…such an inspired way of looking at clothing and colour!

    • Yay, thanks! I blame it on the insane creative forces in the world today…I am loving that art is incorporated in almost everything these days!

      • It is! It makes it difficult to actually want to WRITE anything on my blog because I’m always wanting to share the awesome visuals :)

      • So. True! It’s like, hmmm…pretty pictures or text on screen….Pretty Pictures! Haha, I guess that’s why advertisements these days are all about the visuals (I flipped through a mag from the 60s the other day, and there were actual paragraphs in the ads!)

  2. The second one is stunning! Love it!

  3. alber elbaz also hand painted some pieces in lanvin’s fw12 collection, you should check it out! the looks you chose are beautiful! very inspiring!! really dig the monet dress from anthro <3

  4. Love the Lela Rose confection! Thanks for including the inspiration- it’s sartorially uplifting!!

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