Coney Island color symphony

I…never realized how difficult it is to envision a palette entirely in your mind.    I literally feel like I just ran a marathon.  Although not quite comparable, I now have a more profound appreciation for Mozart’s genius ability to compose full operas in his head.  Maybe I should assign each of the colors an instrument name.  Aqua seems like a flute, doesn’t it?  Red, a violin and green, a piccolo.  Now to simply arrange them into a sweeping color symphony…

A work certainly in progress and in its most newborn form, here is my color board for the Coney Island wedding I was telling you about:

Coney Island Wedding Color Board

Coney Island Wedding Color Board by Anjou


My brain is buzzing with possibilities.  Time to listen to a classical record and hope that, perhaps, the colors will arrange themselves into perfect arcs; Bach’s cello suite will do…



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