Cleopatra’s love affair with fashion

Do you ever wonder if coincidence is merely that; what it would take for the universe to align in such a precise way as to have a lyric on the radio mimic the exact word you’re speaking out loud at that moment?  Or to dredge up an old notion in your mind, and suddenly the whole world is talking about it the next day?  Or even to become enamored with Pierrot, or coral, or watercolor and weeks later, there it comes sauntering down the runway?  Okay, so maybe that last one develops from our deep immersion in the fashion world…we subconsciously note the trending cycle and the path of current inspiration.

But I like to think we’re all psychic because it makes life seem like a romantic and mysterious film.

So as I gaze into my crystal ball, tapping into my trend-predicting powers, I see in our near future an all-out obsession with ancient Egypt and the original cat-eye goddess, Cleopatra.

Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra Blue Dress

Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra

From snake charms, scarab talismans, ornate and structured gold and beaded collars, 22kt gold arm bands, headdresses, turquoise and rust, and cat eyes to flowing bias cut and draped Mediterranean gowns, thigh high slits, gauzy and jewel-toned fabrics, abstract painted and embroidered patterns, and mermaid skirts, I see it all.

Or maybe, it’s just my current obsession…

Cleopatra real

Cleopatra (

Claudette Colbert Cleopatra

Claudette Colbert as Cleopatra (


Cleopatra (

Lilly Langtree as Cleopatra

Lilly Langtree as Cleopatra (Library of Congress)

Cleopatra testing poisons on condemned prisoners

Cleopatra testing poisons on condemned prisoners (

Some current pieces available on Etsy to get ahead of next summer’s runway:

Egyptian Cleopatra Treasury Etsy

Cleopatra Egyptian Etsy Treasury

When you gaze into your fashion crystal ball, do you see Cleopatra and the style of ancient Egypt trending in the near future or do you see something else taking over the runway?

Amplectibus osculisque.


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