Photographic daydreams

How do I love ethereal and stunningly gorgeous photos in my inbox, let me count the ways…

Germany sure houses some of my most treasured models and photographers, and the decidedly lovely Alexandra Storm just so happens to be a new favorite.  She sent this whimsical photo all the way from (way) across the pond to show me just how magical daydreams become when photographed into reality.  Sollena Fotografie and Makeup composed this wonderland of femininity and cupcakey-ness of Ms. Storm, and I couldn’t be more swept off my feet.

With all my heart, I thank the goddess Alexandra and the photographic and styling genius of Sollena for doing my Anjou tulle skirt such magnificent justice.

Girl Tattoos Balloons Tutu

Alexandra Storm by Sollena – Fotografie & Make-up

To check out the talented Sollena’s photography and styling skills, head here:  Sollena Fotografie & Makeup

To contact the lovely model, Alexandra Storm, head here: Alexandra Storm

To browse through my Anjou Tulle Skirts, float over here:  Shop Anjou

Viele küsse.


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