Home at last, New Jersey

I know, I know.  New Jersey is not generally thought of as a beautifully pastoral and wholesome, farm-fed state.  But one step into my hometown of Columbus will have you thinking golden, wheat-blowing-in-the-wind thoughts.  This morning I awoke to freshly percolated coffee, corn english muffins, sprawling green lawns, and thickly coated forest floors all dappled with lilies and irises as far as the eye could see.  And you know what else?  Gorgeous, lulling, uninterrupted silence.

Just the flapping of butterfly wings and the beat of my own heart.

Of course too much silence for this city girl led us to break for the Columbus Famers’ Market (or as we locals call it, the Columbus Sale) for a bit of people pushing and antique browsing.  I’ve been on the hunt for a vintage watch and luckily found not one, but two classic gold beauties.

Vintage watches

Vintage gold watches from Columbus Sale (Timex)

Tomorrow, I’m looking forward to a quick run around my old track, a diner dash to Mastori’s for their infamous cinnamon bread and endless coffee, and a wild & crazy bachelorette party with my high school besties.  I promise to take more photos as my hometown trip continues; I just needed a day to take in the vibrant ecosystem via my unencumbered and organic eyeballs.

Happy Friday!

Butterfly bisous to you.


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