An homage to vintage film dresses

Back in March, or perhaps in a previous life when we were both starlets planting our hands in the wet concrete on the Walk of Fame, I met the most vibrant person…

It was a chance meeting for us in the world of Etsy and custom dresses; she with a rare combination of wit, a love of old movies, and an absolute radiance.  I thought for all that to come through in text on screen, on my how wonderful Kelly J. Kitchens must be in person.

My new favorite beautiful and sparkly lady not only runs her own PR business by day (Kelly J. Kitchens Media Relations/Entertainment Publicity) but also gives one heck of an interview along with her hubby to Turner Classic Movies at the TCM Film Festival held in Hollywood every year.

Check out this year’s, where the lovely Kelly donned our collaborative outfit paying homage to Grace Kelly in Rear Window:

Kelly as Grace Kelly in Rear Window

Kelly Kitchens paying homage to Grace Kelly in Rear Window (outfit by Anjou & Kelly). Photo by Luanne Withee

Keeping in the spirit of nostalgia, starlets, and a ready wardrobe, Kelly suggested we come up with another dress design for her TCM Film Festival appearances.  We hemmed and hawed, uniting creative brain powers, and designed a look that channels Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina, but with just a hint of Mrs. Kitchens in the hue.  Check out our bateau neck gown with bows in ultra bright cerise cotton.

Kelly as Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina

Kelly (L) channeling Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina (dress by Anjou and Kelly) and Angie Bolling (R)

You may recognize the gorgeous woman on the right as one Angie Bolling, or the original Mrs. Robocop! (raise your hand if you were a child of the ’80s and this VHS tape was worn out from watching it so many times)

Kelly (L) channeling Audrey in Sabrina, Angie Bolling (R), and a scary friend!

I’m so happy when a collaboration turns out to be such a pleasure and a sincere sensation.  Now if only Kelly and I could manage to be in the same city at the same time, surely an explosion of gaiety, creativity, and vintage frocks could be seen for miles.

To contact Kelly J. Kitchens for media relations and/or entertainment publicity, head here:

Kelly J. Kitchens Media Relations/Entertainment Publicity

or to her Facebook page:

Kelly J. Kitchens Facebook

For custom dress design by Anjou, contact me at anjouclothing{at}gmail{dot}com




  1. I just can’t begin to tell you how touched I am to be featured in my own blog post, Anjou! If anyone reading this wants to feel absolutely taken care of, listened to, and cherished by a dress-making artist, get Anjou to make your next dress. I can’t tell you the countless compliments I received on my dresses. I felt so completely beautiful and lovely. And the room almost hushed every time I walked in wearing one of my dresses at the TCM Film Festival this year! I felt show-stoppingly gorgeous! Thank you, Anjou, for sharing your talents with me so generously! I feel like I have a friend for life with you!

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