Parisian Pinterest Appartement

Ever since I was tiny, I’ve dreamt of luxuriating my life away in a 1920’s Parisian apartment.  Ideally Coco Chanel’s iconic flat, looking out at the Tour de Eiffel and dreaming up ways to creatively revolutionize the world…but c’est la vie.

Since I am neither in Paris drunkenly writing in the corner of a candlelit cafe, reading poetry on the steps of the Sacre Coeur, or painting in front of the Louvre, I am doing so virtually – in the Pinterest world, of course!

You can follow my boards such as ‘One day in a 1920’s Parisian, Maine house by the sea’ here, Anjou Pinterest, or sigh with me at my virtual dream flat below.

1920's style chairs

1920’s style chairs

Marie Antoinette Drawing Room

Marie Antoinette Drawing Room

Marie Antoinette vanity

Marie Antoinette vanity

Parisian Sign

Le Chandelier, London

Le Chandelier, London

Le Chandelier, London

1920's artist flat

1920’s artist flat

1920's style apartment bedroom

1920’s style bedroom

*All photo credits can be accessed by clicking on the pics and heading over to my pinterest board

Have I mentioned how I still think about the pain au chocolat I had for breakfast everyday, or the intimate Dali museum I ducked into to avoid the rain, or the instant nostalgia I felt when I caught the Eiffel Tower sparkling upon crossing a bridge over the Seine?

I took these photos just moments after it stopped raining on a winter day in Montmatre, Paris.  2004.

Paris Couple Walking Rain

by Anjou

Foggy Eiffel Tower

by Anjou

Paris Montmartre

by Anjou

A very wistful bisous.



  1. mothcaterpillar says:

    wow! I really like “just-after-the-rain” photos… makes me want to be in Paris right now! :-)

    • I knoooow! I want to hop on a jet so badly….though I’m not gonna lie; mostly because of the pastries ;)

      • mothcaterpillar says:

        yeah, don’t tell me… I’ve been to Paris once only, but it was enough to totally and utterly fall in love with all the little boulangerie and patisserie… I always wanted to buy EVERYTHING I could see there :-)

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