World’s Best Dad

See this styling guy right here?  The one with the pale peach suit, piped lapels, ruffled tux shirt, and coordinating coral wide bow tie and cummerbund?  That’s my dad, rocking it at prom in the mid-70s.  On top of acing the typical fatherly duties like: making my high school friends swoon (ew! haha), bringing fruit to my softball games and tennis matches, driving me around rural New Jersey, and spending long hours expressing interest in my angsty teen dilemmas, he’s also a pretty awesome guy: smart as a whip, full of humor and wit (no dull “dad jokes” here), and one heck of a conversationalist.

These days, I’m proud to say that although he lives in Nashville, far from the reaches of Los Angeles county, we still talk as if we were in the same town,  cruising the aisles of the Columbus Flea Market and strolling the boardwalks of Ocean City.

So Happy Father’s Day to a world class dresser and an A-list dad.

1970s Prom Tux

Dad at Prom in the mid 1970s.

Love you, Pops!

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads who make this crazy world a little more sane and a lot more enjoyable.



  1. Sharon Nuskey says:

    Very nice…you made your dad cry. He is so proud of you.

  2. What a wonderful Father’s Day gift. Thank you, sweetie. Love you!

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