Vintage Women in Pants

Although fashion did not embrace the look of trousers on the female form until the late 20th century, history saw working women wearing them a hundred years prior.  From Victorian coal miners who rolled up their skirts around their waist to reveal soot-covered pants underneath to today’s terrible backlash of factory-torn denim, spandex jeggings, and bedazzled bums, women’s pants have undergone quite a transformation.

Let’s take a look at the early fashion of women’s pants from the festooned Victorian era right on through to the ultra glamorous 1930s.

Bloomer Club Cigar vintage women in pants

Victorian era (


Women in pants

Victorian era


Vintage women in pants


Women in Pants

Edwardian era

women in pants



Vintage women in pants



Vintage women in pants

1926. (WaheedPhotoArchive, 2011)


Vintage women in pants veronica lake

Veronica Lake. 1930s.


Vintage women in pants

Ethyl Waters (Jazz singer)


Vintage women in pants

Harpers Bazaar, December 1939


My favorite look has always been knickerbockers with a flouncy blouse, suspenders, and a continental tie (ala Fleur in the Forsyte Sage II).

Fleur Forsyte Fashion

Fleur Forsyte (Emma Griffiths) in Forstye Saga: Series II (still)

Pray tell, ole girl, what is your favorite pants style throughout women’s fashion history?





  1. Love vintage and pants are back in! <3

  2. I love these

    • Oh my, those are amazing. I loooove the vintage sailor girl look so much. I just wish I were lean/tall enough to pull it off. I’d end up looking more like Shirley Temple, haha.

  3. mothcaterpillar says:

    wow! I really like the Harpers Bazaar picture form 1939! :-)

  4. I love these. I wish more ladies who lean to the masculine of center would dress to impress. It does not have to be a wedding or a funeral to pull of a nice pair of slacks.

    • I agree wholeheartedly! I love the dapper look of back in the day…and although I love jeans, sometimes I wish that all of our clothes got whisked away and we were left with only an Edwardian/1920s wardrobe…suspenders, ascots, knickerbockers…not to mention all the fancy dresses for us!

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