Pierrot-Zebra shoot outtakes

Of course you already know of my ecstatic love and admiration for Sabrina Cichy, fairytale photographer and whimsical wunderkind, and Lotte Groeneweg, stunning avant garde model and stylist extraordinaire…

But now I am hopelessly head-over-heels!

Awhile back, Sabrina and Lotte chatted with me about collaborating on a Pierrot inspired shoot they were designing and, naturally, I was beyond excited.  Not to mention that a zebra named Zorro would be Lotte’s shooting partner!  Talk about fairytale.  So this past week, the girls got together and made magic in the meadows near Brussels.  Check out some behind-the-scenes footage from my design process and Sabrina and Lotte’s (and Zorro’s) shoot!

Pierrot sketch

Pierrot shoot sketch by Anjou

Pierrot inspiration board

My Pierrot inspiration board (by Anjou)

Pierrot costume

Pierrot wardrobe in progress… (Anjou)

Pierrot bustle costume

Pierrot bustle in progress…(Anjou)

Pierrot makeup mood board

Lotte’s Pierrot makeup mood board

Pierrot Shoot

Lotte (model) and Saima (makeup artist) prepping for the shoot (by Sabrina Cichy)

Pierrot shoot zebra

Lotte (model) and Zorro (zebra model) by Sabrina Cichy

Pierrot shoot

Lotte and Sabrina! <3

Pierrot tulle skirt balloons

Lotte Groeneweg (model), Sabrina Cichy (photographer), Tulle skirt by Anjou

Pierrot model zebra

Lotte Groeneweg: model, Zorro: zebra model, Sabrina Cichy: photographer, Wardrobe: Anjou

Stay tuned for the completed photosets from this and the urban location shoot!

For my post on Pierrot’s history and the story behind the inspiration, head here.

Sources/to contact everyone:

Sabrina Cichy, photographer: here (facebook) or here (deviant art) or here (blog)

Lotte Groeneweg, model: here (facebook) or here (website)

Saima Rashid Bargfrede, makeup artist: here (facebook)

Anjou, wardrobe: here (etsy) or here (facebook)

Magical bisous!



  1. I love pierrots – I used tO have a beautiful doll, duvet set & cushion. I had totally forgotten about it so thank you for reminding me – gorgeous tulle skirt as always. Cx

    • Oh that’s amazing and delightful!! The model (Lotte) actually came up with the inspiration and turned me on to the whole idea. But now that you mention there’s a duvet, I am going to have to go on a hunt for a pierrot bedroom set. Although the doll might frighten me a bit, haha. Too many Stephen King novels/movies.

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