All hail the moustachio!

I don’t mind that mustaches are the new black or the old beard or an overused prop in indie wedding photos; I still love them!  Ever since becoming hopelessly obsessed with The Forsyte Saga (read about my obsession here) and subsequently, Montague Dartie, I still can’t get enough.  I’ve downloaded every mustache accessorizing app and spend hours looking up finely combed variations to admire.  They’re like men’s little accessories; their makeup, if you will, and I think they are one heck of a handsome accessory.

Here are my favorite specimens, with my Montie being number one, of course.

Montague Dartie Forsyte Saga

Montague Dartie: The Forsyte Saga

Clark gable Mustache

Clark Gable

Scott Avett

Scott Avett of The Avett Brothers

Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury

Prince Albert

Rupert Friend as Prince Albert in The Young Victoria

James Franco Mustache

James Franco

The Grand Duke Michael of Russia

The Grand Duke Michael of Russia (courtesy of Ekaterina Fyodorovna on Flickr)

Jack Nicholson The Last Detail

Jack Nicholson in The Last Detail. (courtesy of

Teddy Roosevelt young

Teddy Roosevelt.

Bard and Mustache

Greg Bortnichak of Bard & Mustache (photo by Scott Braun)

Marlon Brando Mustache

Marlon Brando as Emilano Zapata in Viva Zapata!

Viva la Mostacho!




  1. mothcaterpillar says:

    mmmhhhh….. I am not sure about mustaches, but I agree that it looks good on some man :-)
    btw, are you sure it is Rupert Everett in “Young Victoria”?

  2. I have always loved facial hair on men!

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