A pastoral dress for summer

For two whole glorious weeks, my very close friend and confidante, Justin, is visiting the ulta-sunshiny city of Los Angeles.  Which means, of course, that every morning, afternoon, and evening is fun-filled and adventurous.  Yesterday was his first full day here and we ate dozens of oysters on the Redondo Beach pier, played in the arcade, and hiked the long trail at Runyon Canyon.  An enjoyable and exhausting day.

I’ll be posting lots of photos somewhere in the middle of our time together, but for now here are some of yours truly in a dress that I quickly made from a vintage pastoral toile cotton sheet for the summer day at hand.  My favorite part of the print, besides the electric lines, is the Burger Boy signs.

toile dress




  1. mothcaterpillar says:

    You look very happy! :-)

  2. Great fabric. I usually can’t stand twall, but I love the juxtaposition of the gas stations, signs and electrical poles is awesome! It’s official, I actually like a twall fabric now.

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