Lilac-scented Charcoal

Maybe it’s the fact that summer is really just getting started here in Hollywood and the cold blast of the air conditioner is giving me wintery thoughts; or perhaps it’s that I’m lost in a fog of solemnity lately and watching all the wrong films and reading books that will only make me darker, but I’m dreaming of winter hues and smoky forests and dark silhouettes of purple mountains majesty.

Or maybe it’s just the custom tulle skirt I made yesterday for a customer who had tones of muted lavender and soft charcoal in mind.

purple and grey tutu tulle skirt

Custom tulle skirt by Anjou (available in endless color combinations)


Whatever the reason for my current color combination obsession, there is nothing more appropriate than a lilac-scented charcoal treasury to go along.

Lilac and grey

Lilac and grey




  1. i love this colour, it’s so calming and peaceful. it reminds me of something sort or feather light for some reason. i think it is so versatile because you can make that colour edgy as well as keeping it feminine and light :)

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