All my words are dust in the wind

Lady Luck is just not being a pleasurable companion these past couple of years.  To date, I have had a Macbook (unsavory man in Thornton Park Starbucks), a Kindle Fire (Virgin America flight attendant), and an iPhone 4 (valet at the Intercontinental Hotel in Beverly Hills) stolen.  Yesterday, the hard drive of my brand new Macbook Pro crashed.  Completely.  Wiped clean.  No trace of the countless hours of blood, sweat, and tears I poured into writing a fiction novel or the 3 Beach House albums I wrote it to.  I know, I know.  I should’ve backed it all up in some tidy, perfect system.  But my life swirls around me like a whirlwind and it’s hard to see the world from the center of the storm.

So today, I am saying (and I apologize for my French), ‘f*ck technology.’

I’d rather lose my typewritten pages in the wind.

If you have perfect luck, would you send some of it to me?  Preferably by telegram.




  1. I feel soooo sorry for you – go for a typewriter – easy to spot if they get stolen, something unmissable about someone trying to run off with a stolen typewriter.

    • Thanks so much. Haha, that’s so true! One of the many reasons why sometimes old technology is the most reliable – it’s too cumbersome to carry off with! :)

      • Mm it’s perfect if you want to keep it to yourself ;) That’s why no one stole the first cell phones – the huge ones connected to a seven kilo battery pack…

  2. mothcaterpillar says:

    So soooorry for what happened to you! I really hope your Mac will be replaced! It is just unbelievable! I’ll keep my fingers crossed! :-)

  3. Oh man I totally remember your laptop getting stolen at sbux! Sorry to see that you’re still riding the hot mess express.

    • My Alexa! I miss you. Haha, yes, can’t seem to get of the HME no matter how hard I try. Maybe I could request a transfer to the nyc transit system <3

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