On the Road

…not in a Jack Kerouac vagabond kind of way, but in a driving from LA to Seattle for an incredibly dreamy art gallery wedding kind of way.

Through the grapevine to the fruit basket, winding my way around logging country with a pit stop in Portland for some tasty farm-fresh food and hoppy beer, and finally climbing past Mount St. Helens and the glassy green waterways, I’m currently less than 30 miles from Seattle and I can practically taste the oysters.



More soon from the Emerald City. Bisous.



  1. I love & want an Airstream!!!!!


  2. have fun lady! looks beautiful up there.

    • Thanks, lady!! It was gorgeous, but driving 3000 miles in 4 days was torture. Haha. I’ll post pics soon (it was an absolutely breathtaking, art gallery style lesbian wedding of my two most beautiful friends). <3

  3. Seattle! Ooh, if you have time, try to go Needle and Thread (speakeasy-style bar with fantastic drinks and a phone to open the ‘secret’ door) and Pretty Parlour (my favorite vintage in Seattle). There’s a great antique mall there too! Have fun! -Leah

    • Oh no, I didn’t get your comment until I was on my way home and completely could’ve used your advice! We ended up going to a “speakeasy” that was really not very speakeasy at all with snoop dog playing in the background :/ My bff just moved there, though, so I’m going to make sure we go to Needle and Thread (adorable!) next time I’m up. And Pretty Parlour, of course, for all of my shopping needs ;) I passed by it, but didn’t get a chance to stop in, wah wah. Thanks for the local advice (which I will be taking advantage of for sure next time), lady, and I hope you are well and enjoying the new apt!!

      • Ooh, which speakeasy that wasn’t a speakeasy at all? Bathtub Gin or Silk Stockings? I have to say — neither are great. I had an arsenic and old lace at Bathtub that was rubbish — it was like a 4 oz cup of purple absinthe (not that I mind 4 oz of absinthe when I order it!) and Silk Stockings just has a horrid atmosphere. My favorite Seattle bars are probably Needle and Thread, Rob Roy and Canon– but I’m always happy to recommend in Seattle, we’re down there a fair bit and I’ve drunk extensively in Seattle. I’m classy like that. Anyway, extra- loving the posts lately (the wedding one was gorgeous!) and do come visit fair Vancouver next time you’re in the neighborhood! (The three hour away neighborhood). :)

      • Bathtub Gin, that was it!! Not good, not good at all. I completely forgot that you had sent me a list of to-dos in that area and I really wish I hadn’t. The drinks are still rubbish and the music really throws you off the mood. I LOVE Canon!! I went there last time I was up and it’s been my favorite so far, though I really want to try Needle and Thread. Haha, as long as the place itself is classy, we can get drunk there every night and still be classy, right? I’ll keep you updated, but I’m considering it as a place to hang out in for a year or two…;) If so, I spy some speakeasy nights in our future!

  4. Enjoy the majesty of America. Beware the Tacoma aroma.

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