The Siren Call of Seattle

I promise, after this one teensy tiny little photo post, I’ll have more interesting things to say.  It’s just that Seattle is still in my heart and if you’ve been following me for some time, you’ll know that I tend to have a hard time letting go of things until, well, I don’t.

French Revolution battle tactics, the Newfie accent, the Titanic passenger manifest, bias cut patterns, Maine’s coastal dreamland, Beach House and Beirut and Crystal Castles, feedsacks from the 1940s, the color lilac…this week, it just so happens to be the wildly untamed Pacific Northwest.  But, I am just starting a miniseries on Netflix that takes place during the Civil War, so…well, to be honest I feel scared for you.  But at least we’ll move on from Seattle?

Are there any topics, places, historical revolutions that siren call your name?

Here are some photos from around and about Portland, OR and Seattle.

Portland Food Trucks

Portland food trucks

My adorable friend Katie’s adorable studio

Dreamy curtains

Dreamy curtains

Other dreamy curtain

At Pike Place Market

At Pike Place Market

At Pike Place Market

Flowers at Pike Place Market

Sunflower bee

Anastacia on a sunflower at Pike Place Market

At Le Pichet

At Le Pichet

Le Pichet

At Le Pichet

Le Pichet’s romantic toilette

At Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market


Time traveling fish at Pike Place Market


Pastries, oh pastries

Pastry coma

Gin Bathtub Company receipt

Found: Gin Bathtub Company receipt




  1. Portland is a very very cool town.

    • It is! I don’t know why, but it looks like a movie set to me. So clean and with lots of cool little details around the streets (the traffic lights and bubbling water fountains!). And lotttttts of food trucks, haha

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