The classy 90s: girly trends that fought the flannel

With the exception of the 70s (minus a boho skirt or two), the 90s is probably my least favorite decade of the 20th century.  The terrible tribal or Japanese lettering we all got on our 18th birthday, the shotgun hairstyle with frosted tips that our moms gladly embraced, clothing that hid our shapely silhouettes behind layers and layers of unwashed Goodwill fabric…the entire decade was just so un-classy.  A backlash from the ultra glamorous and, albeit, over-the-top 80s, I suppose.

So with such decade hatred rotting in my gut, I decided to try to be more positive.  You know, coddle my inner-raver chakra, or something like that.

Here are my top ultra-girly and glamorous remnants of the 90s:

Rose Petal Place Board Game


Okay, so this is technically 1984, but I definitely held onto it until the 90s.  Rose Petal is locked in evil Nastina’s wicked garden and the likes of Iris, Orchid, and Daffodil must travel along the trail of teardrops to save her.  Cry the most magic tears and free her from eternal enslavement!  Does it get any more glamorous?



Lace Laces and Lacy Socks


The early part of the decade was the weirdest mash-up of the high-glamour 80s and the alterna-vintage Courtney Love look of the mid-90s.  Mary Janes, oxfords, and converse still look classy and feminine when paired with lacy ankle socks and lace laces.

Lace Socks Mary Janes




Manic Panic


At 14, my mom wouldn’t let me bleach my ash-brown hair and even the brightest of colors wouldn’t take.  So I did the next best thing – I dipped the ends in hydrogen peroxide and then soaked them in red jell-o.  Now we’re much classier about it, with pastel hues and ombre techniques properly girlifying our locks.  Though with the jell-o, I didn’t need dessert for lunch.

Rachel McAdams Pink Hair

Rachel McAdams



Twin Peaks


Along with Northern Exposure, this show solidified my future need to live in the Northwest.  From the dark luxury of the Great Northern hotel to Sherilyn Fenn’s sex-dripping portrayal of Audrey Horne, Twin Peaks is still one heck of a lush television show.

Twin Peaks




Baby Doll Dresses


Oh, Courtney Love.  What girl didn’t bleach her hair platinum, wear tiaras around the house, and secretly idolize bruised knees and raccoon eyes because of her?  One classy thing she did bring to the grunge-y tween masses, though, was a simple and girly wardrobe full of baby doll dresses.  Peter Pan collars haven’t been out of style since.





Inspired by Home Alone, this little contraption was fun…for about seven minutes.  Record yourself, insert funny noises, and hilarity ensues.  Look at that color combo, the clean lines, the star dotting the i…not gonna lie, kind of want to attach it to my iPhone.



Thomas Kinkade Puzzles


One of the reasons I’m glad that I can’t predict the future.  Back in the day, when I built these puzzles, they made me believe that when I grew up I would be living in a lakeside cottage complete with warmly glowing windows, curling smoke coming from the chimney, fall colors abound, and hey, why not, a mill in the distance.  My puzzles nowadays would be fourth floor walk-ups and rickety duplexes surrounded by drunks and barking dogs.



Crop Tops


I feel like Kelly Kapowski might have been the culprit in this fun 90s trend.  A cute, summertime staple, crop tops will never go out of style for me!


Are there any 90s trends you find particularly feminine and endearing?




  1. I would just like to toss in “Pretty Pretty Princess” as personal favorite 90s remnant. I am pretty sure I wore half of that jewelry until I was 16…

    • Oh my gosh, YES!!! I forgot all about that “game”/excuse to wear tiaras around the house. And I left out Tribe and Exclamation perfumes as well. Now I’ll need to do a second installment ;) Thanks for the reminder!

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