Greek Gods Who Ruled

And not to leave out the supernatural pagan menfolk…favorite Greek Gods to the rescue!



Aphrodite’s better half.  Adonis is the God of beauty and desire and the male archetype of handsomeness.  When Aphrodite entrusted the newborn Adonis to Persephone, Persephone fell head-over-heels and wouldn’t relinquish him.  A cat fight of mythological proportions began and Zeus himself had to interject.  Adonis chose to spend 2/3 of the year with Aphrodite and the two had quite the affair until Artemis, said to have been jealous of Adonis’ hunting prowess, sent a wild boar after him.  He died in Aphrodite’s loving arms.  There is also talk that Apollo and Adonis had a lengthy affair…bow chica wow wow.




Oh yeah, Party God in the house!  Wine, festivals, and general good times were had by Dionysus’ worshippers.  If you are a True Blood fan, you’ll remember Maryann Forester – an intense follower of Dionysus whose wild and nature-loving parties had everyone dancing themselves into a frenzy.

Maryann True Blood

Maryann Forrester of True Blood “marrying” Dionysus (




The trickster Titan who created us from clay and stole fire for the progression of all mankind.  Poor Prometheus was punished for all of eternity for this tiny little transgression by Zeus.  Sentenced to life on a rock, an eagle would peck out his liver every day only to have it grow back over night (kind of strange that we now know the liver is the only internal organ truly capable of re-generation, no?).  Lucky for Prometheus, Hercules decided eternity was too long and rescued him from his perch.  Smart, scientific, and pro-human…it’s easy to see why Prometheus is such a revered god.




Oh, precious little Cupid.  Often depicted as a cherub with a tiny bow and arrow, Eros is better known in the mythology world as a meddlesome young adult and the son of Aphrodite.  Remember Psyche?  Under Aphrodite’s, er, “suggestion,” Eros was to pierce the ugliest beast in the land with Psyche’s arrow.  Instead, he scratched himself and after years of battling with good ole mommy dearest, Eros and Psyche finally settled down and had like a million babies.  Okay, okay so they only had one; a little girl named Voluptas, which means “Bliss”.




I, for one, am pretty disappointed that narcissism was dropped from the DSM (ahem, people with photos of themselves as both their Facebook profile pic and their cover photo).  And I’d venture to guess that the og narcissist would not be happy either.  Story goes, Narcissus was a hunter in Thespiae who was revered for his beauty and…well…his reverence for his own beauty.  The gods being who they are: fun-loving s.o.b.s who enjoy punishing: sent good ole Nemesis, the Goddess of Retribution, down to teach Narcissus a lesson about modesty.  She drew him to a pool where he fell so in love with his own reflection that he died looking at it.  Although he’s been taken out of the official psychological diagnostic manual, he still has an entire flower genus named after him.


“Narcissus” by Daneli on Flickr


What favorites of yours did I leave out?




  1. Athena was my favorite as a kid :)

  2. Narcissus wasn’t punished for being in love with himself… he was punished BY falling in love with himself.

    • I would argue that his punishment was a metaphoric manifestation of his crime. He was punished FOR being in love with himself BY falling in love with himself.

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