Raw receipes I’m, er, living to try

For the past couple of months, I’ve been debating over my daily diet.  Fruits and vegetables make up a huge part of my pesce-pollotarian lifestyle, but somehow a ton of heavily processed food has been sneaking into my mouth at every meal.  Things like packaged low-fat cheese, ground turkey, pre-made light salad dressings, whole grain bread, turkey bacon…on the whole, this may not sound so terrible, but for my hyper-health conscious mind and body, it’s just getting a little out of control.  Ever since working in a lab, processed foods and all of the chemicals involved just spook me.  Also, I’ve noticed that despite how “healthy” I eat or how much I exercise, I’m finding it impossible to change my body.  And I just feel, well, unhealthy.


I’ve been reading up on the raw diet, and while I do not plan to get all militant or vegan about it (though I completely respect the people that do) and will still drink coffee, eat raw fish and shellfish, and occasionally dine out on “normal” food, I think it might work for my at-home intake.


Have any of you tried it or maybe just incorporated it into your daily intake and if so, what are your thoughts?

I found this completely adorable and amazing blog by Laura-Jane, The Rawtarian and have become pretty much obsessed with it.  Firstly, she lives on an island off the coast of eastern Canada, which you all know if pretty much my dream.  Secondly and thirdly, she’s on a budget and loves to get her produce from local farms.  Heaven!  Here are the recipes from her raw kitchen that I am, er, living to try:



Now I just hope my blender works…time to drag it out of the cabinet and give it a good dusting off.

Happy health and light!


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