Bow Ties for Victorian Hearts

While I’m impatiently waiting for a very late package of tulle to arrive this week, I’ve been occupying my time with crafty projects outside of fanciful skirts.  The bag of book corners I made yesterday was a fun escape so I went with the theme and made a bag of bow ties today.  I never knew using up fabric remnants before I move my belongings somewhere in this great big world (more on that later) could be so much fun.

Here is my Bag O’ Bow Ties, newly listed in my boutique and in my etsy store.  They’re called ‘Roses & Ribbon Candy’, are made in vintage floral, striped seersucker, and cotton pique, and I think they’re proof that bow ties aren’t just for the menfolk.

Vintage Floral Victorian Bow Tie StripedPink

Bag O’ Bow Ties in Roses & Ribbon Candy by Anjou

Victorian Bow Ties Floral Striped Pink

Bag O’ Bow Ties in Roses & Ribbon Candy by Anjou


The magnificent megapixels in these photos tell me that I really need to clean my typewriter…


Oh! And since these are traditional bow ties that require being tied from scratch (no adjustable bands or clip-ons here), I found this amazing YouTube tutorial by OffshoreOrganBuilder that makes tying bow ties a snap:



  1. Chris Pheric says:

    The video IS still available, at

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