Mint & Rust

Since I’m still waiting on the fated bundle of tulle to arrive, I’ve been spending a lot more time daydreaming; wiling away the hours imagining hand-dyed laces, salvaged vintage slips, and of course the first World War and ice-cream making (I blame the last two on Downton Abbey and the early fall heat in LA).  I’ve been wanting real, New England fall to arrive so badly that I’ve taken to lighting pumpkin spice candles and keeping the a/c on at all times.  I picture copper and gold leaves skipping along the cobblestone, brisk afternoons spent cozied up in the window of a tucked away coffee shop.  And naturally I’ve been thinking of fall colors for fashion!

My favorite combo thus far is inspired by rust.  You know, the oxidation of metal in places where it actually rains.  I’ve forgotten the smell, the odd powdery feeling…but I could never forget the colors.  Muted burnt orange and minty copper patina.


Orange and Mint Clutch

Sherbet Striped 1960s Structured Leather Handbag by NewDayRisingVintage on Etsy




Are there any autumn color combinations you’ve fallen in love with?

Happy almost fall to those of you dancing with the leaves.



  1. mothcaterpillar says:

    very pretty!
    perfect color for autumn! :-)

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