Breathe. Breathe.

Freak out!

I just finished working for four hours on a blog post, the second in this series.  I hit “publish,” WordPress asked me if I was sure I wanted to, I said “Yes,” and was rewarded with a blank page.  Everything gone.


Apparently, the WordPress editor is entirely incapable of performing simple functions like, oh I don’t know, autosave.

So instead of tearing my hair out as I rewrite everything about the oasis town of Ghadames, Libya and the traditional kibbutz in the middle of Israel, I’m going to post this picture of a girl running away with balloons.  You know, to stave off my intense desire to go on a WordPress programmer water ballooning spree.  Just kidding.  Maybe.


Hope your day was better than mine in the depths of technology hell.




  1. Ah yes…it has happened to me twice this morning. I feel your frustration. Just breath girl…just breath :}

    • I feel the rage bubbling up! ;) But breathing is helping…a little. I’m sorry you feel my pain; it’s terrible! WordPress needs to get it together pronto. There should be a magical cloud where all of our words are stored forever and ever :)

  2. Thank you for sharing your emotions, I hope anything goes for smth better!

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