This Little Veggie Went to the Market (again)

Well, my first week of going raw has gone…considerably well!  With the amazing inspiration and delicious recipes of The Rawtarian, I’ve only cheated a few times with a little wine, a little cheese, and a lot of coffee.  Oh and last night’s Mexican.  Okay, so maybe as I document my cheats, I find that I’m not exactly a star pupil…but I’m certainly eating better than I was!

So far I’ve been drinking copious amounts of cocoa and fig laden smoothies, made The Rawtarian’s extraordinarily satiating and scrumptious chicken salad and alfredo sauce, and have been concocting my own nums in the form of olive oil and sea salt bell pepper slices and pecans with honey and cinnamon.  And I only crave cheese fries oh about once every other day.

Here are some photos of my week’s bounty from the downtown Los Angeles Grand Central Market.


Fruits and vegetables and nuts


Bananas and Coconuts

Now off to the store to invest in some raw dessert fixings.

Happy health and light.


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