All Mapped Out: 12 DIY Map Projects

I’ve got travel on the brain with my quickly approaching first-ever cross country drive to my new seaside flat in Portland, Maine.  With days of new-home decorating on the horizon, it seems only fitting that wanderlust be incorporated into my decor.  And what better source of vintage-y, world-hopping goodness than wonderful old maps!

Here are twelve DIY map projects that I’ve got my ever-wandering eye on.

Click on the photo for the project instructions.

Map Desk


Map Butterfly Shadowbox



Map Printed Feathers



Decorative Map Letters



Map Coasters



Map Globe Lantern




Map Roses


DIY Map Roses



Map Lanterns



Map Wreath



Map Wallet


Map Pillow



Map Gift Bow


DIY Map Bow



Happy trails.



  1. peter benson says:

    love it all. AND that pillow has my tattoo! copycat.

  2. mothcaterpillar says:

    wow! great ideas!
    I wish I could have that map desk! ;-)

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