Happy Birth Month: Libras and Gypsy Coins

Since today is my dreaded birthday (I wish people knew I made a deal with an ancient Egyptian Goddess to stop having birthdays 3 years ago), I thought I’d say ‘Happy Birthday’ to all of the other Libras out there by delving into the mythology and history surrounding our Aphrodite-guided air sign.

Did you know that Libra is the only astrological sign not symbolized by a living creature?  In fact, in ancient Babylonia times, Libra didn’t exist.  It was the Greeks and Romans who imagined the scales and mapped out the constellation as more than just Scorpio’s claws.  Astrea, the Virgo Goddess of Justice, now holds the scales.  And how did scales even become the measurements of justice?  The roots are further underground than we thought.  All the way in the Underworld, in fact.  Dating back to ancient Egyptian times, the scales were used by Anubis to weigh the hearts of the dead against the feather of Ma’at, the Egyptian Goddess of truth, order, and justice.  The souls who passed her harsh judgement got to spend all of eternity playing with the Gods.  Those who didn’t were eaten by the lioness Ammit.  Yeesh.

Maat Scales Libra

Weighing the hearts of the dead against a feather of Ma’at to pass judgement. (


According to Wikipedia, modern Astrologers agree on the following characteristics of Libras:

Positive Characteristics

  • Pleasant and charming
  • Has a pure (clean)and open (sees both sides) mind, which makes them fair people
  • Clever
  • Detailed and artistic
  • Social and co-operative
  • Balanced
  • Self-sufficient
  • Idealistic and equalitarian
  • Urbane
  • Argue very well

Negative Characteristics

  • Indecisive
  • Lazy
  • Flirtatious and envious
  • Extravagant, silly and impatient
  • They have no feeling for others and they can quarrel easily

The zodiac really has got me all figured out.


But my Romany ancestors tell a different story; one that is derived from elemental objects used by everyday people.  According to the Gypsy Horoscope, a lunar horoscope based on the cycles of the moon, those born between September 23rd and October 22nd are Coins.  Abridged from,

Coins have a great ability to communicate with their peers. A trinket who has talents. They love to help others and are always surrounded by friends and colleagues. They know how to solve all kinds of situations and are always full of positive energy.  They are rational and give great importance to personal and physical appearance.  They are very entrepreneurial, excellent negotiators, and have a great sense of justice.

Well, seems right to me!

Gypsy Coin Bracelet

Gypsy coin bracelet (


Famous fellow Libras and Coins throughout history include:

Niels Bohr

Margaret Thatcher

Truman Capote

Brigitte Bardot

T.S. Eliot

Rita Hayworth

F. Scott Fitzgerald

John Lennon

George Gershwin

Groucho Marx

Oscar Wilde

Arthur Miller

We’re in excellent creative company!

Happy birth month, Libras and Coins.



  1. mothcaterpillar says:

    I love your idea of this post! Very cute!
    Happy Birthday! :-)

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