I Heart IR: Whimsical Infrared Photography

Even the science of infrared photography is beautiful.  A filter placed on the lens, appearing opaque to the eye, blocks most incoming light but near-infrared.  Reflections of infrared cause skin to look milky and leaves to be bright white.  And in the depths of the scene where the infrared wavelengths are absorbed, it is black.

The resultant scenes are as if you stepped through the wardrobe door into a technologically built Narnia.  The air is icy and the colors pale and wispy and the aqua colored water looks like unbreakable glass.  There is snow everywhere, but it’s untouched.  Pristine.  There are horses, but they’re frozen in time; statues or perhaps relics, ice crystals on their lashes.

Welcome to photographic Narnia.  Now where could those Turkish Delights be hiding?

Infrared Portrait

by Manir Mrittik (

Infrared Photography Railroad

(Infrared Photography – a new world from lisisoft)


Infrared Portrait


Infared Photography

The Fisherman by Roie Galitz (


For all of us seeking to find the fawn but lacking the technological resources or capabilities, there is always grand ole Photoshop.  Click here for a simple tutorial on transforming your everyday photos into stunning infrared dreamworlds.


ps: if you’ve ever seen Lovely Bones, I have a feeling Peter Jackson based the limbo dreamscape off of infrared photography.



  1. These are so gorgeous! I am in amazement.

  2. That;s great stuff!

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