Lady Guitarists who Rock

Squee!  For my 4th 29th birthday, I unwrapped a beautiful baby Gibson SG…the same model played by none other than Angus Young of AC/DC.  Without the humbuckers and lightening bolts, of course.  And with this, I just realized that I’ve let you in on my addiction to 70s/80s rock and metal.  Crazy Train, Dust in the Wind, Unforgiven, and Bad Moon Rising are my first lessons and in no time, I’ll be pretending I’m James Hetfield, wailing on waves of distortion and mayhem.

For inspiration, I’ve been scoping out female guitarists throughout history and found some really talented ladies to look up to.

Wanda Jackson


Mother Maybelle Carter


June Carter


Lita Ford

Joan Jett


Jenny Lewis


Now I just have to grow my hair out again so that I can mosh properly.  Happy rocking out!



  1. Mother Maybelle Carter is possibly the most influential guitarist if all time. But where is Tina Weymouth? Or Kim Deal? Or Chrissy Hynde? or Joanne Shaw Taylor? or Orianthi?

    • Absolutely! I was keeping it to just my own influences (sadly, not the biggest Pixies fan over here ;) and to vintage-flavored ladies, but heck yeah, they all rock too! I’ve been hearing a lot about Orianthi recently (youtube and such); definitely one high-caliber lady guitarist. xx

  2. Durfus McGrew says:

    Or Bonnie Raitt?

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