Change is in the air

My life is traveling in directions I never imagined.  Today as I paid for my perfectly washed butter lettuce, pale speckled peaches, and Chardonnay flavored Two-Buck Chuck at the grocery store, the cashier asked in a non-assuming way what brought me to LA.  I answered honestly with a wandering “I don’t really know,” and when he asked me where I was going next I said, “Well, New York City for 6 months and then Maine.”  He stopped bagging for a second and cocked his head and looked at me curiously and said, “Then what?”  And I responded with a shrug and smile and muttered something about France or Newfoundland.

He was from Virginia and hated driving in the snow.  It does take forever to get where you’re going in that beautiful mess.

I wrote this a long time ago, when I was feeling rather caged as I often do when I stay anywhere for too long.  It still applies.  I took the photo from Montmartre in Paris just after the rain had started giving way to the sun.

Change Is in the Air Paris

Bisous. Besos. поцелуи.



  1. Change IS in the air – and it feels good!

  2. I feel it too – very restless!

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