Brown Haired Girls

Well ladies and gents, I’m back to brown.  Hair, that is.  Winter is coming; dark and dusky mist-laden skies, fur coats and hot cocoa, pale skin and dark hair.  It’s all just a couple of months away.  So I thought I’d get a jump start and dye these wheat-colored locks back to a raven hue.  I suppose it is as they say, when leaving Rome…(LA to NYC in 8 days!  Not that I’m counting or anything.)

And what better inspiration than these vintage brunette beauties?

Sophia Loren Young

Sophia Loren (Yann Pinguet on Flickr)

Audrey Hepburn Young

Audrey Hepburn (

Bebe Daniels

Bebe Daniels (

Natalie Wood Young

Natalie Wood (

Joan Bennett

Joan Bennett (who also moonlighted as a blonde) (

Elizabeth Taylor Young

Elizabeth Taylor (

Clara Bow

Clara Bow (

Louise Brooks

Louise Brooks


I know it’s barely Fall, but I can’t help getting excited for the monochromatic severity of a black and white winter.




  1. Dark hair is good and I bet all those lovely icons can attest to that! Love those pictures.

  2. My gosh – you can see why Frankie got so hooked on Ava, can’t you!

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