Rawr: Animals in Art, Fashion, and Decor

With snowy weather and chilled evenings just around the corner and many of us already chopping wood and lighting the fireplace, I can’t help but envy the natural fur coats many animals sport year round.  Beautiful, functional, and soft, vintage or conscientiously-sourced animal hides can make your home or closet just about winter proof.  And the art, oh the art.  I don’t think I have to say that Mark Ryden is both inventor and king of the indie animal art movement, but there are some other fantastic artists who feature animals in their paintings as well.  Amber Alexander, artist of the flapper squirrel painting below, is one of my absolute favorite animal painters of all time.

There’s just something about being surrounded by animal hides and found skeletons that make you feel wild and connected to nature.

Hipster girl with animal hat and rifle


Wolf Coffee Table Decor Taxidermy

Alaskan Timber Wolf Coffee Table by John J. Hayes of Dumont Taxidermy Studio in Libby, Montana


Happy “hunting”


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