Things That Make Life Worth Living

When in Manhattan, I suppose one simply must make a Woody Allen-Issac Davis list.

A little note about all of the moments in my life that sweeten the deal…

– Blowing out a candle flame really, really slowly –

– Reading the lines, “In vain have I struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.” as Mr. Darcy, after all of the banter and arguments, finally professes his love for Elizabeth Bennet –

– When nobody is looking and you secretly scoop up that extra dollop of cheese in the middle of a pizza pie and put it on your slice –

– Picking off that very last speck of old nailpolish –

– The taste of bourbon and honey –

– Zoning out during a long run and just enjoying the wind and water and faraway sounds of traffic –

– Listening to music on an antique gramophone –

– Dancing in a club with your best ladies and screaming together when your favorite song comes on –

– Watching a cat kneed the dough –

– Spending all day in a museum you’ve been to a thousand times and finding your favorite painting –

– Walking home from a night out and looking up at the moon and the stars through rose-colored glasses –

– The smell of freshly cut lemons –

– Taking off your gloves on a blustery winter day and wrapping your hands around a steaming cup of cocoa in a cozy cafe –

 – Finishing the last stitch on a hand-knitted scarf –

– Catching the very beginning of a guilty pleasure 80’s movie on TV (mine are Teen Witch and Some Kind of Wonderful) –

– Waking up to a thunderstorm on a day you really just wanted to spend in your pajamas anyway –

– Scrolling down and seeing an always-amazing Neil deGrasse Tyson status update in your Facebook feed –

– The first sour-sweet bite into a ripe nectarine –

– Being the only one who picked up on someone’s witty background joke –

– Getting the text you’ve been waiting for all day –

– Writing the outline of your short story or novel and all of the details just…work out –

– The first day of crisp Autumn air –

– Running your hands through rows of pure silk at the fabric store –

– Savoring the few times a year you actually get to use a stamp –

– Getting into bed after a long day and just rolling around in the covers; letting the cool, soft down envelop every sense –

– Finding a quote or song that sums up exactly how you are feeling –

– Feeling every muscle and limb align as you finally do the perfect yoga headstand –

What are some of the treasured moments in your life that make it extra-savory?




  1. Been there, done almost all of those. Except this “Watching a cat kneed the dough” and this “Finishing the last stitch on a hand-knitted scarf”, and I’d have to add Finding a perfect food and wine pairing on your own, Digging your toes into the sand, Plunging into cold water when you’re not even supposed to be wet, Lacing your fingers into someone else’s for the first time, When someone compliments you on your favorite perfume, and Letting that piece of dark chocolate slowly melt away on its own. So many more precious little moments. Life is beautiful!

  2. mothcaterpillar says:

    Great list! I’ve always wanted to “Walk home from a night out and looking up at the moon and the stars through rose-colored glasses”… so far, I’ve done the first part… still need to get the rose-colored glasses…
    “Taking off your gloves on a blustery winter day and wrapping your hands around a steaming cup of cocoa in a cozy cafe” is amazing! I can’t wait for winter to arrive! ;-)

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