My Portland Artist’s Flat

Oh you guys.  I came back from unpacking my cozy flat in the West End of Portland, Maine late Wednesday night and I just cannot get it out of my mind.  The lure of New York City wore off the moment I felt the steam heat from the radiator and smelled the pine floors.  Farm-to-table restaurants, bowls of chowder, the sound of seagulls and boat horns, Coffee By Design and people who smile when you cross them on the street.

New York City, I love you.  But I love Portland more.  Now to find a part-time job in the small city so that I’m not just eeking by with my beloved custom tutu business.  Blast this terrible economy.

Studio Flat Apartment Portland

My Portland, Maine flat before…

Portland Maine West End

Squirrel tracks

Antique Radiator

Antique radiator from the 1920s

Artist flat eclectic decor

and after! Well…still unpacking boxes

Coffee By Design

Coffee By Design sign

Antique Barber Shop

A barber shop that isn’t just ironically hip. Run by a white-haired man who was sitting on his stool, talking on a land line <3

Maine Magnets

I’m getting there as fast as I can

Got lobstah?

Got lobstah?

Allagash White


Hawthorne Hotel Hallway

Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, Mass. Shining-esque

Antique Thermostat

Only two seasons…

Mod Fashion Polka Dot Dress

Back in mod New York City and not too happy about it.


Portland, I’m getting to you full-time as fast as I can.




  1. Just gorgeous! I love old buildings and the atmosphere they have!

    • Me too!! Portland has some of the greatest architecture I’ve ever seen. So many of the houses are as original as they were in the late 1800s and 1920s…and they’re such vivid colors! So pretty!

  2. No wonder you fell in love with the place – it looks stunning! Though you look lovely as a NYC mod too!

    • Aw shucks, thanks!! Oh, but how Portland is SO gorgeous. And I missed the putting up of the tree in Monument Square :( Next Christmas! Thanks for reading :)

  3. I fail to see what there is to love about NYC – I think its main attraction to people is the sound of themselves saying i live in NYC. Towns like Portland are the future of the American artist – close, unpretentious and in touch with their own stories.

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