Buried in tulle

Hectic, crazed, and buried in tulle do not even begin to describe the holiday season I’ve been having thus far.  Holy wow.  But boy are these lovely ladies chock full of beautiful and festive ideas.  Sparkle-dusted tulle, embellished waistbands, and spirited colors have been hitting my sewing machine hard and I’m loving the excitement of it all.  Not to mention I’ve been interviewing for an amazing big girl job in Portland, Maine (hearts for days!), dealing with Etsy/tutu/life copycats (shame on you, unoriginal and tacky creative-wannabes!), and I may or may not have gotten sucked into Halo 4 (videogames are my super secret addiction!).

So I thought in lieu of sharing fashion dreams or conquests of history, I’d post some lovely photos of lovelier ladies in my Anjou tulle skirts.

Wedding Tulle Skirts for Bridesmaids

Nicole’s Wedding (how radiant is the bride?!)


Bridal Tulle Skirt for Wedding

Ryan’s Wedding (positively STUNNING – so classic and beautiful)

Bridal Tulle Skirt for Wedding

Ryan’s Wedding


Peach Tulle Skirt for Party, Formal, Wedding

Peachy Dream Tulle Skirt (LOVE this lady and the styling)


Bridal Peach Tulle Skirt for Wedding

Angie’s Wedding (such a gorgeous girl and LOVE the styling – eggplant cardi!)


Congratulations to all the beautiful brides and gorgeous party-goers!

For the Anjou Etsy shop, pirouette here

For my own personally-designed online Anjou Boutique, twirl here





  1. the brides maid dresses are absolutely stunning.


  2. mothcaterpillar says:

    wow! I LOVE your skirts! They are elegant and sheek, yet simple as well… absolutely gorgeous combination! :-)
    FIngers crossed for your job interview!

    • Yay, thank you so much!!! That means so much coming from you :) Anddddd……I got the job! I move permanently to Portland after the holidays; so excited! Hope your move back to the wonderful land of Europe went well and you’re enjoying the holiday season!

      • mothcaterpillar says:

        Congratulations!!!!! Im so happy for you!!!!
        It looks like we’ve got our new chapters to start in the coming year! I’ve accepted a job in Norway, so new adventure begins in february! Have a wonderful Holidays you too!!! :-)

      • Aw yay, congrats to you!!! That’s so amazing; I’ve never been to Norway, but the Norwegian folks that I’ve met have been the most amazing, creative spirits. Look at us go with our new lives!! Congrats, lady and best of luck to you!

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