Real Estate To Swoon Over

This post is going to sound like one giant advertisement for already ridiculously priced homes, but I promise you that it is entirely unsolicited (WordPress would get mad at me if it weren’t).  From time to time, I like to ogle homes that were I a multi-billionaire, I would buy in a heartbeat.  Nay, less than a heartbeat; in one pulse of the sinoatrial node, before the ventricles even contract, these homes




So let’s throw a coin into the wishing well and imagine lounging on the chaise…sipping bourbon and listening to 1920’s jazz records on the Victrola.

Coming in at a measly $18 million, this pre-war co-op by Rosario Candela in New York City’s Midtown East is a perfume-scented page straight out of Marie Antoinette’s pre-revolution ideals.  I want to eat cake off of those candy-colored sofas.


For a modest $900,000, I could move out from my little studio in Portland, Maine’s West End and into this downtown loft with exposed brick and bookshelves that rival my wildest dreams.  I only have one request and that is that they leave the furniture and paintings for me to revel in.  I love the dark ages/covenant feel.


And last, but certainly far from least (I’ll take them all!), is a classical Napoleon III style flat overlooking the Duchy in the centre of Uzès.  The French ceilings, classical decor, and natural romantic light make this one of my favorite apartments in the South of France.  And I can save the rest of my lotto winnings for fancy dresses because it rings up at a mere 800,000 Euros.


Maybe if we all pool our money together, we can make one of these into an artsy sewing, vintage and DIY loving commune?  I call the master suite!



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