Under the Tree of Downton Abbey

It’s been one peach of a busy holiday season for me (thus the lack of posts lately!), but I couldn’t help making a treasury for those who have gift lists yet to make or fulfill.  It is inspired by the only television series that could come close to replacing The Forsyte Saga in my Edwardian-loving heart: Downton Abbey.  The Edwardian gothic romance, the tragedy and comedy, the lush velvet and lace fabrics, and the deep jewel tones make me want to disobey the laws of astrophysics and jump in a time machine traveling backwards.  I’ll even trade my iPhone on the way back for a candlestick telephone and wine decanting lessons.

Happy Holidays and shopping, antique souls!

Downton Abbey Fashion

Downton Abbey Fashion


ps: for an amazing site that I just stumbled upon, check out The Edwardian Promenade: social history, Edwardian slang, and the real story behind Downton Abbey.



  1. mothcaterpillar says:

    Oh My! I would jump into time machine for those deevie things too :-)

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