Stepping through NYC to Narnia

You know how you have this perfect vision of something in your head? And it swirls and envelops and takes you to a place reminiscent of Narnia; complete with Turkish Delights, a helpful, well-dressed fawn, and a blanket of snow that makes everything dreamlike? I suppose it’s what fairy tales refer to as a Wonderland. And rarely does it exist in reality. Well, somehow I’ve managed to step through the wardrobe door of New York City (where I was previously living) and find my own magical land in a small city called Portland, Maine.

I’ve got the perfect, most mind-bending job and snow at the ocean. What more could a girl ask for? Other than for the evil witch to stay way up in her stone castle, naturally. I can’t promise I won’t go searching for her, though.

Okay, now that this metaphor has likely taken too many turns to be considered comprehensible, here are my Instagram exploits in a brilliantly overcast winter wonderland.

Portland Maine boatyard

polka dot wellies

Portland Maine Street

Hermione Hair

Portland Maine buoys

Portland Maine Wharf Street

Harbor Fish Market Salmon Fillet

Portland Maine colorful rowhomes

Thai Blue Point Cat

Portland Maine Flatiron

Portland Maine Polar Express

This town has my heart.


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