Crystalline Castles: Crystals and their meanings

Who here has seen every LA and NYC scene girl on Instagram posting photos of newly acquired crystals for all sorts of spiritual and magical (and “selfie”) purposes?

I raised both of my hands, too.

I’ll come clean (with my aura) and say that while I certainly find the stones and colors enchanting, I’m less-than convinced that it’s not the powerful effects of visualization that are behind the mysticism.  Though, I did go to a restorative yoga session on Sunday where the yogi played crystal bowls and I swear that I could feel the reverberations in my soul.  Whatever works for love and balance, I suppose!  And like always, I rather enjoy the romanticism of it all.  So I thought we could match the crystals with their alluring powers and of course, learn the history behind these mesmerizing three-dimensional molecular structures.

Fun fact: Snowflakes; those beautiful, polymorphic structures of frozen ice that land ever-so delicately on your fluttering eyelashes; are crystals!  So are methamphetamines, but we won’t go into that on this blog.

Crystal healing is the practice of tuning specific gemstones into different chakras by placing or waving them on or around corresponding body parts.  Traditionally, they have been used by some ancient cultures such as Native American Hopi Indians, Hawaiian Islanders, and the Japanese (oh, that mystical, imperial jade stone).  And since color has been proven to affect mood and outlook, naturally the hue of the crystal as well as the placement is thought to have an enormous effect on the outcome of crystal therapy.

Here are just a few of my favorites:


Gives one courage to delve into the unknown and assists in attainment of material possessions.  Provides strength for dealing with emotional issues.

Adamite Crystal

Adamite Crystal from FenderMinerals on Etsy



Clears the aura; brings peace, stability, and strength.  Releases addictions and migraines.

Amethyst Crystal

Amethyst Crystal (skelethic on tumblr)


Stone of courtesy.  Promotes courage, decisiveness, and action.  Used in muscle relaxation, restlessness, and depression.

Bronzite Crystal

Bronzite Crystal (



Does not accumulate negative energy, but instead dissipates it and turns it into something positive.  Balances chakras and attracts wealth.

Citrine Crystal

Citrine Crystal (


Elestial Quartz

The “Enchanted Crystal.”  Synchronizes the heart and intellect.  Helps one find the love within themselves.

Elestial Quartz

Elestial Quartz (



The “Lucky Stone.”  Brings good fortune to the keeper and helps to calm when things are happening too quickly.

Gypsum Crystal

Gypsum Crystal (



Helps one admit guilt and release self-imposed “chains.”  Brings a sense of peace in truthfulness.

Larimar Crystal

Larimar Crystal (


Lavender Quartz

Stimulates clairvoyance and communication across the physical plain.

Lavender Quartz Crystal

Lavender Quartz Crystal (



Of extraterrestrial origin.  Through it, you can access different dimensions!

Moldavite Crystal

Moldavite Crystal (


Opens the heart and gives off pure love.  Creates dreams and assists in personal healing.


Rhodochrosite Crystal

Rhodochrosite Crystal (



The “Fairy Cross.”  Facilitates rituals and is used as a good luck talisman.

Staurolite Crystal

Staurolite Crystal (



Enhances visions.  Helps release conditions that have been inhibiting personal growth.

Unakite Crystal

Unakite Crystal (



Absorbs toxic odors and and energies, assists in agricultural pursuits, and improves the environment.

Zeolite Crystal

Zeolite Crystal (coyoterainbow on

*crystal descriptions modified from


Crystal cleansing and re-energizing rituals

You can cleanse your crystals of negative energy and re-energize them in a variety of ways:

– place your crystals in direct sun and moonlight for a full 24 hours

– wrap your crystals in a soft cloth and bury them in the pure, untainted earth for 24 hours

– use a large quartz crystal cluster to cleanse the others

– run pure, natural, untainted water over your crystals for 2 hours

*rituals modified from

Happy crystalline dreams to you.  May you find love and balance and happiness through any method you try!


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