Vacation is on Vacation

I am incredibly excited to announce that I am both having the most wonderful, phenomenal summer in Maine (of which I will, of course, share photos with you shortly) AND that Anjou Clothing is back from vacation! …while still on vacation?  Who needs sleep!

To celebrate my return to creativity and whimsical moments draped in tulle, I’m sharing a few photos that arrived as pretty presents in my email inbox.  This English bride should seriously consider switching her day job to Vogue model and stylist.  I mean, the blazer…the vintage hat…the heels.  My heart stopped!

So hey, what say you stop by Anjou on Etsy or my online boutique and say hi.  Maybe let me make you a beautiful ballerina or a die hard fashionista?  Will trade for raw desserts or turquoise jewelry.

Happy creative summer, daydreamers and stargazers.



  1. so beautiful! such classic style with a modern twist :) lovely, happy looking bride :)

  2. mothcaterpillar says:

    welcome back! :-)

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