You guys, this is what being part of a small city’s collective of creative visionaries is all about.  My new friend Marieke, a Portland Maine director and choreographer, envisioned this dance project in a completely organic and beautiful way.  No counts, no harsh buns and makeup, no definitive theme; everything was left to the imagination and movement of the dancers and the director and the viewers alike.  It debuted at PortFringe 2013, a local performance festival that ‘encourages innovation and experimentation’, at Space Gallery in Portland’s art district.

Through a wonderful and soulful mutual friend, Marieke and I became acquainted and entertwined in this inexplicable moment of dancemagic.  I designed (with the help of the ladies, of course!) and sewed the costumes.  Initially, I bought a pattern to adopt and modify…but in the end, I threw it away and tapped into my right brain.  You know, in the spirit of it all.  Simple tunics with a bit of flare for ease of movement and dropped armholes for a little pizazz.  These dancing ladies sure made them look good.

All of the minds and bodies that came together metamorphosed lamellae into this giant, undulating organism.  And though it functioned as one, it was actually made up of individually moving parts.  Like a coral reef or the world’s smoothest printing press.

“Featuring five bodies in and out of motion, lamellae is the forthcoming dance project by Marieke Van Der Steenhoven in collaboration with Kerry Anderson, Grace Foxen, Amy Jorgensen, Jessica MilNeil, and Tess Van Horn. Soundscape by musician Matt Brown and video projections by filmmaker Derek Kimball.”

modern dance costume tunic

Lamellae fitting

modern dance costume tunic anjou

Lamellae fitting

modern dance costume tunic

Lamellae fitting

modern dance costume tunic

Lamellae fitting

And the video of the performance in its entirety by Derek Kimball of Last House Productions

I think we should dance like everybody is watching…and we’re all dancing for each other.

Toujours, Anjou


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