Vintage Motorcycle Babes, Babe

Even I have to admit that despite my relentless love and adoration (is that what they call obsession?) for all things Edwardian through the 1960s, there is just something about those super 70’s dudes and babes on choppers that have me dustin’ off my leathah.

The Farrah hair, the tanned skin, the pornstaches, the gleaming metal, the FRINGE denim, what’s not to love?

Of course, this current pet interest may be just a teensy bit swayed by the fact that my guy is in the finals for a Before & After contest on MotoPickers.  Which is a pretty rad local motorcycle television show here in Portland, Maine, by the way.  Think Pawn Stars, but instead of lame celebrity memorabilia, it’s all about totally tubular vintage cycles.

And I mean, I’ll just point out that holy moly is that black 1974 Honda CB550 one styling vixen of metal and chrome.  Are metal and chrome the same thing?  Eh, check it out and then go on to rad vintage photos of biker babes.

vintage motorcycle babe beach

Image from: businessinsider

Vintage motocrycle dude

Bob Tron, Image from:

vintage motorcycle babe

Image from: lightningcustoms

vintage biker dudes

Image from:

Image from: lightningcustoms

Image from: lightningcustoms

vintage motorcycle dudes new york

Image from:

As they say, ‘the best alarm clock is sunshine on chrome.’

Ride easy, dudes.




  1. erikaheidewald says:

    There is something really gorgeous about 70s photographs – they just feel very sunny and free.

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