Surreal, nostalgic, and dusted with the magic in the stars

Today begins a 2 day promotion where you can download Falling Down the Galaxy by E.M. Kiernan for free on your Kindle through the Amazon store. 

falling down the galaxy

From the Back Cover: Scientist Cassidy Decker stares over the side of the cold, gray asteroid and dives off with the grace of a dying swan. She never imagines she’ll land on the Starlight Express, a Jazz Age-themed train traveling the galaxy. Or that she’ll fall in love with its handsome conductor. Suddenly, she has everything she ever wished for: friendship, a blossoming romance, and the promise of a future on Earth. But Cassidy has always been her own worst enemy, and she soon finds herself tumbling through a series of inexplicable disasters that threaten to take away everything she gained.
Will Cassidy be able to mend her broken spirit and begin a life with the only man she’s ever loved? Or will they collapse under the weight of a galaxy steeped in corruption and greed?

Surreal, nostalgic, and dusted with the magic in the stars, Falling Down the Galaxy follows an existential journey through a dystopian future to find strength in hope.


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