Modern Style

The art of moving photographs:  Cinemagraphs and the Fabric of Time

An obsession with Mad Men: Why the Modern Woman is the Perfect Mix of Joan, Peggy, and Betty

Inspiration of English garden flowers: A Cabbage Rose Wardrobe

Hair inspiration from the blonde bombshells of the 1930s and 40s: Old Hollywood is Calling

Trend of colorblocked dresses :Colorblocked

Trend of ombre wedding style: A Wedding Blog that Has Me Playing Air Guitar

Trend of watercolor and painterly style dress:  Watercolor Dresses: When Fashion and Art Blend

Trend of painting nails with a nod to vintage fabrics: Vintage Inspired Nails

Trend of coral-colored garments: Coral Me Crazy

Trend of mixing bohemia with glam (with Anthropologie fashion spread): Glam Bohemian Pow, Pow!

The New York City Ballet goes couture with Gilles Mendel with Black Swan and Rodartre inspiration:  Couture Ballet

Marie Antoinette inspired pastries and cakes: It’s a Scrumptious, Pastel World

The fashion and food of Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette: Dress Envy at Versailles

The fashion of the 2002 English Edwardian drama, The Forsyte Saga: The Forsyte Obsession

Vintage Inspiration for scooters and two-wheeled transportation accoutrement: DIY Scooter Basket Inspiration

Vintage-inspired modern Parisian apartment style: Parisian Pinterest Apartemente

Types of fancy fabrics with vintage examples, including satins and silks: Come-Hither Wear

Types of fabrics for dress-making: Dress Fabric Deets

Types of sleeves with charts and a video tutorial: Just A Sleeve’s Length Away

Proper etiquette as told by “An American Lady” in 1846: What Would Betty Draper Do

Modern gold jewelry: Jewelry of Atomic Number 79

My favorite vintage and modern beautifully tragic scenes in movies: Top 6 Beautifully Tragic Film Scenes

Cataloging Zelda Kaplan’s life in fashion: Auf Wiedersehen, Zelda Kaplan

The meaning of the color red( with photos of vintage starlets in red): The Color of Love and Sin

The retro style of Mad Men’s Joan: The Provocatively Feminine Style of Joan Holloway


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