Vacation is on Vacation

bridal tutu blue

I am incredibly excited to announce that I am both having the most wonderful, phenomenal summer in Maine (of which I will, of course, share photos with you shortly) AND that Anjou Clothing is back from vacation! …while still on vacation?  Who needs sleep! To celebrate my return to creativity and whimsical moments draped in […]

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The Great Gatsby fashions come to the silver screen

The Great Gatsby Daisy Cary

Hullo, dames and daddies.  Guess what tonight is?  The premiere of a certain dimly lit and greed-dripping film by tragic romantic F. Scott Fitzgerald and Moulin Rouge’s Baz Luhrmann. And, well, the bees knees have never looked so glamorous. Although I wouldn’t say I’m the world’s biggest fan of Leo, the sumptuous sets and sublimely […]

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Happy Neuve de Mayo!

country lanterns

This past Sunday was a favorite holiday of mine…and not just because it involved copious amounts of tequila and tortilla chips.  Though, let’s face it, those are certainly a big part of it.  But I also adore the fashion, the music, the flavor, the decor, and most of all, I adored the Cinco de Mayo […]

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Everybody scream, BABY COWS!

cow farm vintage

As it turns out, there’s more to this beauty of a state than just charming ole Portland.  About 45 minutes north (on a bus, until I get my truck in two months), is a little mill town set on roaring rapids and nostalgia.  Gardiner, Maine is a-goddamn-dorable.  Water Street, which heads up to the ultra-hip […]

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Ruffles from the past

ruffled tulle skirt wedding

Meet the world’s most beautiful, genuine, charming, good-spirited, patient, and imaginative bride and woman that ever graced this planet. Seriously. This gorgeous little Edwardian-minded lady and I (and amazing mom, Annie!) designed this ruffled-to-the-max and nostalgia-flavored tiered tulle skirt for her late winter wedding in San Francisco this year.  Those ruffles were the bane of […]

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Slept Away

dreamy bed

Oh dear.  I guess it’s been since Valentine’s Day, hasn’t it? I confess I haven’t been my usual self.  The move to this charming little city has been colder than I anticipated Loneliness, boredom, nostalgia, stifling New England personalities.  They’re a recipe for regret.  I’ve slept on so many things in the past five or […]

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Deadly Women Throughout History

Vera Renczi

Ladies.  Whether you are loved up on roses and chocolate hearts or drowning yourself in a bottle of burgundy (or one text-free minute away from bathing in your own blood), you have to admit: Valentine’s Day can be a beautiful reminder of intensity and passion and reckless love.  Or, in this case, fatal obsession and […]

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Memento Mori: beauty in death

memento mori post-mortem photography

I know this is going to come off horrendously morbid and terribly bizarre, but isn’t there something just so beautiful in the moments captured after death?  Granted, it’s morose and strange, but displays of such raw emotion; an unwillingness to let go; are so surreally captivating.  And in the Victorian times, they had quite the […]

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Over the Moon for Moonstruck

Moonstruck Cher

My local Rite Aid has suddenly been covered in sparkly red tinsel and doused in the sensual scent of pre-packaged milk chocolate.  That can only mean one thing…it’s almost Valentine’s Day.  The day lovers love to love and those not in love, love to hate. But my favorite kind of love has always been the […]

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Crystalline Castles: Crystals and their meanings

Unakite Crystal

Who here has seen every LA and NYC scene girl on Instagram posting photos of newly acquired crystals for all sorts of spiritual and magical (and “selfie”) purposes? I raised both of my hands, too. I’ll come clean (with my aura) and say that while I certainly find the stones and colors enchanting, I’m less-than […]

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