Vintage History


Vintage Los Angeles:

The Gilded LA:  The Gilded Age in Los Angeles and Hollywood

LA Noir:  Murder and intrigue in 1930’s and 40’s Los Angeles

Valley of the Dolls: 1950s through 1970s retro greater Los Angeles style

Oh Sandy Ba-by:  Vineland Drive-in Theatre in Los Angeles

Retro Summer Fun at a Beverly Hills Resort:  Retro style fashion of wealthy Beverly Hills resort vacationers


Vintage US-USSR:

Cold War Style:  Atomic and nuclear style during the Cold War between the US and the USSR


Vintage Cuba:

Viva la Classic Cuba:  Cuba’s pre-revolution style


Vintage Europe:

Orientalism of the Early 1900s:  The French obsession of the mystique of the orient in the 1920s

Back to the Gypsy that I Was:  The history of Romany gypsies, fashion and life (including palm-reading chart)


Vintage Food & Cocktails:

Mid-Century Dishes We Love to Hate (or Hate to Love):  From ambrosia salad to oysters Rockefeller

Sloe, Gin, & Fizzy:  Vintage cocktails with a link to an all-encompassing historical cocktail site (w/recipes)


Vintage Fashion Techniques:

The Antique Art of Lace-Making:  The history of lace-making

Feedsack Secrets:  The use of feedsack fabric for garment-making during the Great Depression

J’adore La Belle Epoque:  The technique and history of corset-making and wearing

Why is a Raven Like a Writing Desk?:  The history and mercury-poisoning of hat-making

Dating Vintage Clothing and the ILGWU:  How to date American union-made clothing (with label photos and history of the ILGWU)


Vintage Beauty:

Fashion and Beauty Superstitions:  Beauty superstitions in history from Cleopatra’s diamond to bathing in blood

The Color of Love and Sin:  The meaning of the color red (with photos of vintage starlets in red)

Burlesque Costumery:  The history and style of Burlesque through the ages


Iconic Historical Figures:

Heavens to Betsy!:  Betsy Ross and the history of flag-sewing

We are all Cosmic Dust: Iconic Female Scientists:  Female scientists that have paved the way

J’adore Amour Amour:  Famous starlets and the perfumes they wore (with perfume notes)

A Fish is a Fish is a Fish:  Female sea-workers, vintage and modern fishergirl fashion

Cleopatra’s Love Affair with Fashion:  The history and style of the woman who ruled the men who ruled the world, Cleopatra


Vintage Film & Photography:

Sensational Words from the film, Manhattan:  The quirky language of Woody Allen in the film, Manhattan with photos

Portraiture Was the OG Fashion Photography:  The capturing of vintage fashion in paintings

Automata Obsession:  The story behind Hugo and the history of autonomous machines


Top Lists:

Anjou’s Top Songs of the 1950s:  My favorite songs from the 1950s: A tops list with videos

Top 6 Beautifully Tragic Film Scenes:  My favorite vintage and modern beautifully tragic scenes in movies


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